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Email Marketing Services

Celerant offers an email marketing platform that’s integrated with your Stratus retail software, both in store and online, enabling you to send personalized emails based on your customers past purchases and preferences.

Ensure your brand remains top-of-mind to consumers when they’re ready to buy and encourage them to act with personalized promotions, incentives and offers. At Celerant, our ongoing digital marketing services, including email marketing and automation, will support your enterprise’s awareness and sales activity with targeted campaigns.

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Email Marketing Services to Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

  • Segment consumers based on behaviors and preferences
  • Use automated workflows to send personalized promotions
  • Boost sales conversions with targeted email marketing
  • Follow and promote to your customers continuously with no ongoing effort
  • Abandoned shopping cart to remind customers to complete purchases
  • Post purchase thank you emails
  • Customer re-engagement to bring customer back
  • Product review invitation emails to build consumer confidence and increase SEO

“D&D Texas Outfitters creates messages that are likely to be relevant to [their customers]. By sending email communications tailored to known customer preferences, D&D boosted its open email rate from 8 percent to more than 25 percent.”

Segment Consumers
For Target Marketing

Customer Segments

Celerant’s Email Marketing Platform integrates with Stratus Enterprise in real-time, pulling your customer/CRM and sales data from your in store, online and third-party marketplace integrations. Using category management, the email marketing platform uses this data to dynamically segment consumers based on shopping behavior, past purchases, brand preferences and demographics.

Increase Conversion Rates
And Sales With
Personalized Promotions

Personalized Email Marketing

Celerant’s email marketing platform sends automated, targeted email campaigns to your clean and segmented email lists. Each email contains personalized messages, promotions, shopping cart reminders, related products and more. Compared to mass emails, personalized campaigns increase the changes customers will click and convert into a sale. Our digital marketing services team can either do all of the heavy lifting for you; if you have your own in-house marketing team, we can simply provide the platform for your team.

Manage, Track
And Capitalize On
What’s Working Best

Email Marketing Analytics

To increase the effectiveness of your campaigns, our in-house digital marketing specialists use prescriptive analytics, combining big data consisting of campaign analytics, customer segmentation, customer data, shopper tracking (i.e., heatmaps, items in cart, purchasing history, shopping behavior, demographics), and what’s working best.

“Conversion rates from segmented emails have been significant for us. In fact, email campaigns account for about 22 percent of our total online terms of ROI, email marketing is number one by far, making it one of the lifelines of our business.”
Anthony Qaiyum, President, Merz Apothecary

Take action on abandoned shopping carts instantly

Conversion Center for Cart Recovery

Respond immediately to abandoned shopping carts and recover customers quickly with automated email incentives or other service recovery options. Celerant’s Conversion Center provides real-time visibility and access into live shopping carts, giving your customer service representatives (CSR’s) the ability to instantly correct customer orders and shipping options, including offering incentives for an enhanced customer service experience.


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