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Retail Inventory Management Software

With Stratus Enterprise retail store software, you can manage inventory across your stores, eCommerce and marketplaces in real-time- enabling you to quickly see where products are selling faster; optimize assortment planning for each location; and ensure you meet customer demand.

When it comes to inventory, it’s important to manage the entire supply chain— from procurement through to fulfillment. Celerant’s enterprise inventory management software helps you manage and maintain tight control over your inventory across all locations, including stores, warehouses, Amazon, and more. Both your website and point of sale will display accurate, on-hand quantities in real-time as you buy and sell merchandise. With tools such as Open-To-Buy and Retail ERP Software, along with store/warehouse location analytics, you can forecast and allocate inventory; manage the entire lifestyle of your products; plan merchandise assortment; manage procurement; automatically replenish stock; determine the best store to fulfill from; and drop ship through vendors. Having the right enterprise inventory management system helps you manage your most significant asset (your merchandise)- so you can drastically reduce costs and maximize profit. For retailers that are not enterprises, our Cumulus Retail platform offers tailor-made solutions.

Inventory Warehouse Management for Sophisticated Operations

  • Allocate merchandise per store
  • Plan merchandise assortment per store
  • Stock merchandise received from purchase orders
  • Pull merchandise for sales orders
  • Transfer merchandise between stores
  • Manage return authorizations
  • Count merchandise during a physical inventory or cycle counts
  • Manage inventory using mobile devices
  • Manage product styles, brands, taxonomies & SKU’s

“With one platform, we can have a fantastic point of sale for our walk in brick and mortar business, we have orders coming in off of our eCommerce site… where pick tickets are generated and that order is picked and shipped right there out of the back door.”

Increase Efficiency
And Reduce
Inventory Overhead

Inventory fulfillment

Stratus retail inventory management software allows you to automatically fulfill orders from the best store based on preset logic, such as inventory levels and product performance by location, all information available in our retail inventory management system. Ship directly from your retail warehouse or stores, using integrated shipping and receiving software tools for major carriers, plus allow vendors, including third-parties, to drop ship directly from their retail warehouse to your customer.

Expedite Fulfillment
With Enterprise-Wide
Visibility & Automation

Store supply warehouse and reordering

Know where to ship from. By managing each store as its own warehouse, you can automatically fulfill orders based on preset logic such as product quantity on hand, available staffing, and sell-through by location. When it’s time to reorder inventory, make your purchasing process more efficient. Generate and send POs automatically to your suppliers based on predefined min/max stock levels to replenish your inventory with our all-in-one POS and inventory software solution.

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“The real-time visibility within our Celerant retail system lets us compare inventory across our four stores and website. We’re able to see at a glance where styles are selling better, so we can allocate our products where they are needed the most. Without Celerant , I wouldn’t be able to react to sales trends as quickly and I would have more stock-outs and over-stocks, which would drive my customers to competitors’ stores.”
Will Brooks, CFO, Shoe Gallery

Easily Manage
Your Categories
Of Merchandise

Category management

Reduce errors with automatic creation of inventory and warehouse documentation, such as case labels, pick tickets, packing lists, invoices and more. Stratus Enterprise’s inventory management software makes it easy to manage the departments and categories of your merchandise, whether it departs a store’s inventory or warehouse. Having the right taxonomy for your products allows you to view performance by category and trends in real-time, right down to the item level, offering invaluable and actionable data.

Management One™ Integration

Through integration with Management One™, Celerant’s point of sale and inventory software continuously sends Management One the data it needs in real-time- eliminating the need for manual reporting! Celerant’s retail inventory management system’s module, combined with Management One’s merchandise planning and consulting, ensures you order the right soft good products, at the right time- to maintain tight control of your spending.

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Forecast Inventory Levels And Automate Reordering

Forecast and manage products

Control where your inventory is by tracking retail warehouse locations, such as shelves, pallets, picking and packing zones, put areas, loading docks and trucks, all within Stratus’ inventory warehouse management software. Forecast and plan the necessary stock levels and manage the product life cycle. Based on trends, seasons, top sellers, promotions and other valuable analytics, you can predict the demand for products and determine optimal reorder points and inventory quantities.


Get The Power Of Stratus In The Palm Of Your Hand

Mobile Retail Inventory Management Software

Arm your store and warehouse staff with mobile devices to scan barcodes and perform essential inventory functions on the go, such as physical inventory and cycle counts. With Stratus’ mobile inventory app for retail stores and warehouses, retailers can scan, count, manage and look up inventory from anywhere—trucks, store locations and warehouses. Access our inventory warehouse management app on IoT-enabled devices to embrace the internet-of-things, such as iPads and iPhones (available on the Apple App Store), or heavy-duty PDTs that communicate with the Stratus POS in real time.

Stratus Mobile Inventory (SMI)

SMI is a web-based app that can run on iOS mobile devices in conjunction with a Linea-Pro sled or other Bluetooth scanner. SMI retail store inventory management software enables employees to create documents and perform essential back-office and warehouse tasks on-the-fly. Tasks such as transfers, receiving, picking and packing are communicated directly to the main database in real-time. That way, inventory is immediately reflected across all channels including POS, back office and eCommerce via the all-in-one retail POS and inventory software.

Celerant Mobile Inventory for iOS

Celerant Mobile Inventory for iOS is an app that can be purchased and easily downloaded from the Apple App Store to simplify your inventory processes. This is a perfect option for stores seeking a light-weight, cost-effective device to complete physical store inventory checks and smaller cycle counts and perform other back-office functions. Add a Linea-Pro Sled to transform your iOS device into a barcode scanner, validating barcodes and making inventory tasks faster and more accurate.

Celerant Mobile Inventory for PDT

Celerant offers a heavy-duty mobile tool for retailers with larger amounts of inventory and turnover. The Skorpio X3 Portable Data Terminal (PDT) along with our multi-store inventory management software enables you to perform physical inventory and other back-office tasks in motion. The PDT collects data and generates .txt fi les for export using Celerant’s Data Collector. Complete physical inventory, enter POs, receive and transfer products, change style attributes, enter prices, process sales orders and more- while on-the-go via our robust retail store software solutions.

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