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Celerant offers multiple options for payment processing with Stratus, allowing you to chose which processor is right for your retail business. Our retail software’s secure integrations with major credit card processing software provide fast and reliable processing options with competitive rates. Support your customers with modern payment processing through contactless payments, Apple Pay and more!

Stratus integrates its point of sale enterprise payment processing software with major credit card processors, providing fast, reliable and secure POS payment processing options with competitive rates. In just a matter of seconds, transactions are passed directly from the card reader to the payment processor using Point-To-Point Encryption (P2PE) and tokenization, increasing the speed and security at the point of entry. Whether you choose your own POS payment processing company through our available gateway or one of our direct processing partners, you can accept all major credit cards and the latest in NFC payments, EMV and Android and Apple Pay.

The Fast and Secure POS System Credit Card Payment Processing Features You Need

  • Reduce the risk associated with card fraud with certified chip technology
  • Render the cardholder's data unreadable at the device with P2PE
  • Update lost, stolen or expired cards to ensure approvals for recurring payments
  • Display your custom branding to your shoppers on signature capture devices
  • Process payments at the point-of-sale without storing any sensitive credit card data
  • Use machine learning to identify and adapt to new patterns of credit card fraud
  • Process credit card transactions fast and securely
  • Integrate your POS credit card enterprise payment processing system with your eCommerce transactions

“Celerant’s system is extremely flexible. We’re able to provide discounts to customers as well as keep track of contributions we want to make to different organizations. A critical compenent of any retailer’s checkout process is secure credit card processing. It’s a perfect match for what we’re trying to achieve.”


Celerant integrates with Shift4 Payments, delivering a complete omnichannel payment processing solution. Retailers can accept contactless payments in-store via Celerant’s point of sale; and enable Apple Pay™ on their Celerant eCommerce website for a faster and more secure checkout experience with the ability to pay online using their mobile digital wallet. Apple Pay can also be combined with Celerant’s One-Page Checkout to further enhance the online shopping experience.


Omnichannel payment processing solution, Celerant, integrates with Worldpay from FIS-a global leader of payment technology for small to medium size retail businesses. Through Celerant’s mobile point of sale, mobile apps and eCommerce platform, you can accept payments anywhere and securely- in store, online, trade shows and other events.



Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce solutions integrate with Fortis, enabling retailers to accept payments, centralize sales and customer data, and process transactions from all channels- store, mobile events, online- quickly and securely using proprietary payments technology that processes transactions quickly and securely, and with no hidden fees.


Global Payments Integrated (OpenEdge Payments) integrates with Celerant’s point of sale and eCommerce software, helping businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized enterprise payment processing solutions, and allowing retailers to accept payments regardless of how, when or where customers prefer to pay.

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