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POS Systems For Rental Businesses

Service your customers quickly and easily with comprehensive rental and work order modules, directly from your Stratus point of sale.

For retailers that repair and service merchandise, Stratus offers a work order software and repair solutions that let you service customers at the point of sale. Work orders allow retailers to track, assign and prioritize specific tasks and accept deposits and full payments for services through the point of sale, whether the service is provided in-house or by the manufacturer.

Features to Service Your Customers At the Point-of-Sale

  • Manage work (or repair) orders and tasks directly from the POS
  • Streamline your billing process by collecting deposits or full payments for services
  • Track, assign and prioritize specific work orders for timely completion
  • Assess whether work orders need to be completed in store or sent to the manufacturer
  • Provide accurate estimates in the order, which builds trust with customers
  • Enter quotes into the Stratus retail management system
  • Enter serialized items of products needing repairs for record keeping purposes

“Our focus was on building a great retail application and eventually more applications to help retailers build their business. We have always tried to stay at the forefront from a technology standpoint, and at the same time, keeping an eye on what our clients need.”

Easily Manage
Rentals And Repairs
At the POS

Rentals and Repairs

Use the Stratus POS system for rental businesses to easily manage your rental and repair orders directly at the POS. Our cloud-based rental POS solution lets retailers track and manage rental activity at the POS and from the same place you take payment, giving your enterprise a fast and easy solution for tracking rental tickets, bookings and accepting payment.

Assign And
Work Orders

Work Orders

Assess whether work orders and repairs need to be completed in store or sent to the manufacturer with Stratus’ work order software. Then, track, assign and prioritize specific work orders for timely completion.

Streamline Your
Estimating Process
And Customer

Quotes, Estimates and Payments

Streamline your estimates and billing process by using this rental business POS system to provide accurate estimate in order, enter quotes and collect deposits or full payment for services. In a single solution, you’re able to accurately and instantly reconcile payment while also building trust with your customers.

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