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Available at a price that will accelerate your growth and ROI

At Celerant, we maximize business growth by starting with competitive pricing for Stratus. Because it’s a necessity, no one wants to pay a premium for commerce software—and that’s why Stratus offers tier-1 functionality at tier-2 and tier-3 pricing. With customization and plenty of software add-ons, Stratus is available using a purchase or SaaS model. Join thousands of satisfied clients who are using our retail commerce software to facilitate revenue, not take away from it.

Customizable features, functionalities and services

  • In store operations
  • Custom eCommerce
  • Online marketplace integrations
  • SEO and email marketing services
  • CRM and incentives
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Vendor management
  • Automated cross-channel fulfillment
  • Payment processing
  • Rentals and repairs
  • Resource management
  • Buy-trade and consignment
  • Business intelligence
  • ERP and accounting
  • Professional services

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