Schuylkill Valley Sports Increases Online Sales with Website, Online Marketplaces & Automated Best Store Fulfillment

Retailer reaches new heights expanding in new marketplaces

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“Celerant developed and launched our E-Commerce site and our best store fulfillment module. Best store fulfillment has been great for us. It allows us to take online, 3rd party market place, and website orders and disperse them over our 16 store locations and will fulfills the orders from the best location possible. The amount of time we have saved using it is immeasurable. We used to have to manually process each incoming order, figure out the optimal store to fulfill that order, and then email that store”
– Ryan Kistler, Schuylkill Valley Sports, E-Commerce Manager

About Schuylkill Valley Sports (SVS)

Schuylkill Valley Sports  was established in 1971 with their first location in Audubon, PA. SVS is a full-service sporting goods retailer and team athletic dealer with 16 current store locations. They are well known for supplying high-quality merchandise from the finest athletic equipment, footwear, and apparel manufacturers for baseball, basketball, football, fitness, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, running and more.

SVS Using Single Platform to Increase Sales

In this partner spotlight Ryan Kistler SVS’s E-Commerce manager, discusses E-Commerce and fulfilling processes. For SVS, Celerant developed a real-time fully integrated E-Commerce site that merged their store operations with their online presence. With responsive design Celerant created a website that reformats for any mobile device, regardless of where or how SVS’s customers access their website. All of SVS’s transactions are completed in real-time with shared inventory, and are available at once throughout their entire system. Celerant’s E-Commerce website has helped SVS increase online sales by 60% over the past 3 years.

Automated Fulfillment from the “Best Store”

The focus of the interview then shifts to online order fulfillment. Celerant’s automated “Best Store” Fulfillment has saved SVS 5 hours a day because they no longer have to manually split orders and assign the best suited stores in which to fulfill. Celerant’s best store fulfillment module manages each store as its own warehouse as a result SVS has been able to cut order times and maintain rapid turn-around with getting their orders out the door faster and more cost effectively. Celerant created an algorithm that is integrated into SVS’s system, it determines the best route for each order. This algorithm prioritizes elements such as geography, quantity on-hand and more so if the product is sold out at the closest location, it will automatically route it to the next best store. The retail fulfillment application can even split orders as needed. As SVS increases the number of stores they have, they will continue to optimize their fulfillment even further. 

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