Celerant Technology Voted # 1 POS Software For Gift & Specialty Retailers

Top Ranked Retail Software For Both Specialty & Mid-Size Retailers


Voted the ‘#1 Specialty/Gift Retail Software’ by RIS Software LeaderBoard

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Celerant recently topped the 2017 RIS Software LeaderBoard charts and was ranked #1 retail software in 17 categories, including specialty/gift retail and mid-size retail. Celerant was also awarded as a ‘Top Commerce Provider‘ by Multichannel Merchant, as well as being recognized as a ‘5 Star POS‘ by the CPA Practice Advisor. Additionally, Celerant was listed as a ‘top manufacturer in the gift shop retail software market’ according to the Gift Shop Software Market industry research report. Celerant is also a premier member of the Museum Store Association (MSA). What does all this mean? Celerant understands the needs of gift shop businesses, and is committed to providing customized solutions that assure the success of retail stores (and websites) in the specialty gift industry.

“There are not many combined POS and web platforms that can truly do both well. Celerant does exactly that. We searched high and low before finding Celerant, so I know most of the other options out there, and they did not fit our needs. We wanted POS registers that were able to run locally in the event of internet outage, but otherwise were essentially real time. We needed a great E-Commerce platform, a mail order web interface, and a very robust amazon integration. We have received that and more from Celerant.”
-Anthony Qaiyum, President, Merz Apothecary

Celerant Technology’s retail solution enables omnichannel gift store retailers to manage and grow their specialty business both in-store and online, within one system. Along with Celerant’s POS software, gift retailers can have custom designed E-Commerce sites built on a single database with seamless integrations to online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. And to help boost sales, Celerant offers digital marketing services including SEO, email automation and abandoned cart recovery strategies, all tracked and integrated with CRM and sales data.

Celerant Has Become a Leader in the Gift Shop Retail Software Market

Top POS software for gift storesCelerant is proud to be named a ‘key player’ in the gift shop industry according to the Gift Shop Software Market industry research report. As a leader in the industry, Celerant has also topped the LeaderBoard charts for the past 14 years and was once again named a Top Commerce Platform for 2017 by Multichannel Merchant because of its extensive and innovative E-Commerce features and digital marketing services. As a premier member of the Museum Store Association (MSA), Celerant has made inroads in the gift industry to partner with many specialty retailers.

What’s Next?

Watch this video to learn how Merz Apothecary achieves complete inventory availability & integration across ALL channels including in-store POS, E-Commerce, phone orders & Amazon Marketplace.

If you’re a gift retailer looking to grow your business, consider using Celerant as your POS/E-Commerce provider. Not only do we specialize in gift shop solutions, we were ranked the #1 Retail Software.



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