Using Data to Improve the Paint Industry, RetailSTAR

Using Your Information WiselyNot only is your POS system a channel for better customer service, but it’s also a source of data and analytics that will help you run your business smarter, more efficiently, and more profitably. The most effective POS systems are the ones that offer comprehensive capabilities to paint dealers; ones that can track sales, inventory and customer data, while also being able to use that information to manage pricing levels and different pricing schemes. Not only will an advanced POS system be able to track that information, it will automatically know what to charge a certain customer based on who they are, how much they buy, the time of year they buy, and their general preferences.

RetailSTAR, Featured in the September Edition of Paint & Decorating Magazine

If you’re a paint dealer and are interested in how to utilize the data that your POS system provides, then this article is for you. The article features RetailSTAR, along with RetailSTAR’s client, Factory Paint.

RetailSTAR offers Paint Dealers several unique features including: formula tracking, unique contractor pricing, in-depth custom reporting, custom home screen display, discount percentages, automatic invoicing, and special orders. It also offers custom invoicing, integrated E-Commerce, and supports EMV in order to minimize risk.

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