2nd Amendment Wholesale and Celerant helps Dealers Sell More In-Store and Online

Central Location for Nationwide Shipping

2nd Amendment Wholesale is a traditional two-step wholesale distributor and we distribute firearms, ammunition and all related accessories.

2nd Amendment Wholesale has two wholesale distribution warehouses: one in Grand Forks North Dakota and one in Raleigh, Missouri.

The new Raleigh, Missouri warehouse is centrally located, so all shipments will go from the center of the United States, getting to dealers in just two or three days.

Making Big Challenges Easy for Small Teams

One of the challenges in our industry is small retailers will have so much to do with such a small team.

Building a website and maintaining something that integrates with their point of sale is very challenging.

Using Celerant is something we highly recommend to dealers, just so that way, they have a turn-key solution that does everything they need with minimal effort on their end.

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Streamlining Firearm Retail Businesses

Our main goal through this partnership is to really help our dealers streamline their gun shops.

Whether they’re selling in-store, online, or both, this integration with 2nd Amendment Wholesale is helping them automate their business and 2nd Amendment Wholesale brings a very unique catalog to our firearm dealers.

Making the Sign-Up AND Inventory Process Easier

2nd Amendment Wholesale is integrated with Celerant for over three years now and it’s been a seamless integration from the beginning.

Dealers can sign up with a website through Celerant, and also carry our inventory and our product quantities, integrate that to their website as well as submit orders through the Celerant system, for items either special order for restocking.

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Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

It’s extremely easy for them to get going, both on a website and a point of sale. We’ve had a great relationship with Celerant from the beginning.

And we continue to recommend dealers use Celerant when they ask us what they should do for their websites.

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.