Access Industry Market Data at the Point of Sale with SCOPE CLX by NASGW

Data Analysis for the Firearms Retail Industry

NASGW is the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers.

We have developed a partnership with Celerant Technology to collect, standardize and analyze point of sale data for the benefit of the industry.

Reporting on Merchandise at a Granular Level

The biggest value of SCOPE CLX and the partnership with Celerant is that retailers for the first time have access to a reporting tool that shows sales by region.

It shows product assortment, product mixes, how inventory has been catching up, so that’s one of the biggest things specifically for retailers and Celerant clients is inventory availability.

Direct Integration with Celerant’s Software

We’re seeing now, this surge is starting to end and this report does a great job of showing which categories are catching up faster as far as inventory availability.

So there’s a tremendous amount of value in the data and reporting overall and the benefits specifically to Celerant clients is that it’s integrated directly into your back office platform.

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Get direct access to industry reporting metrics and see how your inventory can perform.