ASTRO Loyalty Integration helps Sell More Pet Food and Supplies

ASTRO Loyalty Integration at the Point of Sale

Celerant Technology offers an all-in-one retail solution for pet shops.

With mobile point of sale, e-commerce, mobile shopping apps, and marketplace integrations, you can manage your entire business as one.

In addition to pet supply distributors, we integrate with ASTRO Loyalty. Through this integration, you can offer and automate manufacturer rebates, coupons, and rewards at the point of sale.

How the ASTRO Loyalty Integration Works

Let’s take a look at how the integration works: once ASTRO is set up in your Celerant system, you’ll notice the point of sale displays the ASTRO Loyalty button on the main menu.

After looking up a customer, click ASTRO Loyalty. This screen displays the customer’s frequent buyer rewards along with any eligible rebates and coupons. This information is pulled directly from ASTRO Loyalty.

When they’re ready to check out, look up the customer in the point of sale, ring up their items, and click pay. An optional roundup donation prompt will automatically appear if you have this feature turned on.

At this point, the cashier can see if any coupons or rewards can be applied to the purchase. In this case, there’s no coupons available for this item and the customer chose not to apply their 10% reward, so they can use it for a larger purchase.

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Payment and Reward Redemption

And that brings you to the payment screen: where the customer can pay with cash, a debit or credit card, gift card, or even via Klarna financing. The system generates a receipt and the transaction is complete.

The biggest benefit of the integration is your cashiers will never have to go into the ASTRO system, but for demonstration purposes, let’s jump into ASTRO where you can see the customer’s punch card increased from 9 to 10 instantly.

They are now two away from earning a free product.

Point of Sale Automation Saves Time at the Register

Let’s now review the integration with ASTRO offers.

Just as before, you ring up an item. This item costs $121.13 with tax. Click ASTRO Loyalty and you’ll see this item has an available offer for five dollars off. Apply the offer.

We’ll skip over the donations prompt and notice the total decreased to $115.76.

This integration not only provides access to thousands of rebates, coupons, and rewards from hundreds of popular brands, it saves time by eliminating manual entry, providing a single place to manage promotions, and automates the rebate process so you receive redemptions as quickly as possible.

With Celerant and ASTRO, you can offer brand sponsored promotions to drive customer loyalty and sell more pet food and supplies in your store.

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