Automating Data and Product Imports with Kinsey’s

Understanding the Needs of Retailers and Dealers

Kinsey’s Started in 1952. We started as a retail store, so we understand what the dealer needs and through four generations now, we’ve expanded into two warehouses: one in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania and the second in Louisville, Kentucky.

Integrating a POS System that helps Manage Inventory

And we serve retailers nationwide, in archery and outdoor sporting goods. Celerant and Kinsey’s just started a new partnership to integrate our systems with yours. It offers dealers two great options, one being an in-store POS system that helps manage inventory.

It helps automate their business and the other being a web storefront, which ties into inventory management and the ability to sell products online and have a presence there without having to do a lot of the IT work themselves.

Automating the Data Import Process for Ease

Through our new integration with Kinsey’s, we’re allowing archery dealers to import Kinsey’s product catalogs, build their database within our Celerant software, create automated purchase orders based on their min/max level, which automatically go to Kinsey’s to be fulfilled.

Our integration with Kinsey’s allows archery dealers to sell many more products on their eCommerce site than they’re able to sell in their store.

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Product Feeds Pull the Important Data

We pull live product feeds from Kinsey’s, pulling product images, descriptions, and all the data, and then the dealers can customize all the data as needed. And then we enable drop shipping.

So the dealers can sell many more products and have them fulfilled by Kinsey’s.

Monetizing all the Spaces within your Retail Store

Another great feature of the Celerant in-store program is the range management system that allows dealers to book range times and classes and manage their range through the POS system. So it’s great to monetize that space that makes it really easy and trackable.

Making the Process as Easy as Possible for any Retailer

Working with the Celerant team has been great so far. We provide them information and they’ve handled a lot of the IT needs. It’s been super simple and really easy, so I would definitely recommend any dealer who wants to reach out to them who is maybe a little apprehensive on the IT needs.

They really handle everything and make it pretty simple.

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