Annual conference has been bringing FFL retailers and industry partners together for 20 years to discuss streamlining compliance

Celebrating 20 Years of Bringing FFL Retailers and Partners Together

This year is our 20th client conference, and throughout that time, we’ve been supporting the firearms industry.

The firearms industry especially is always changing with new restrictions coming every year.

So it’s super important for us once a year to get together with our dealers and our partners and really collaborate, discuss those changes and how we at Celerant can enhance our software to better meet those for our dealers.

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Kevin Chandler, Vance Outdoors

I’ve been to the conference many times over the last 15 years. Every year, I learned something new.

As long as Celerant keeps bringing back industry experts that brings more information for us to learn, we’ll be back every year.

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Travis Glover, 4473 Cloud

The biggest reason we come to the conference is to interact with the users. A lot of them are already our customers and we like to interact with them and find out what we can do better of course.

But also for those folks who we haven’t had a chance to interact with. It gives us an opportunity to.

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Aaron Keating, Lipsey’s

We’ve been partners for a long time. The integration is tight.

We can enable their business in so many different ways, so it’s great to build a relationship, let them know what Lipsey’s can do.

Build the Celerant and Lipsey’s brand up together, and then be beneficial going forward.

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Hunter Simmons, Simmons Sporting Goods

The reason we came to the Celerant conference is because there is so much that the system has to offer. We want to make sure that we’re taking full advantage of it.

There’s so many partners here that we wanted to partner with, from distributors to tax professionals.

It just makes us a lot more competitive in the market.

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Faye McEachern, ClearSale

The greatest part about coming here is being able to meet everyone on the Celerant team. And they’re such a hoot.

And aside from that, meeting all these wonderful clients and being able to collaborate and share knowledge.

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Building Client and Partner Relationships for the Future

We couldn’t have gotten this far as a company with the support of our retailers and our partners and our team members.

We thank our clients for all their years of partnership and we look forward to all of the collaboration in the years to come.