Vance Outdoors Operates Business with All-in-One POS System and eCommerce

Integrated Point of Sale and eCommerce to Manage Business

Vance Outdoors is an outdoor sporting goods company that operates in Columbus Ohio.

At Vance Outdoors, we have five different business lines that we work within. We have retail locations, we have our eCommerce division, we have a law enforcement department, as well as our shooting range and our boat sales.

What makes Vance unique is that we provide extremely good customer service at a very good price. I believe most of our customers come to Vance’s looking for that personalized experience with a knowledgeable staff.

Vance’s Unique Offerings Require an All-in-One Retail System

I’ve been with the company 18 years. We needed a software pretty quickly in my tenure at this company.

Vance Outdoors is a very complex organization that needs a highly integrated software to function properly. We were looking for something that was adaptable and was able to grow with us and be scalable.

Celerant provided that.

Vance Outdoors operates a retail division, however we have implemented an eCommerce division integrated within the Celerant platform. They customized and built unique sites for each of our divisions of the company.

If we weren’t using Celerant, it would probably take six different softwares to make that happen.

Merchandise Attributes Made Easy with a 3-D Product Matrix

One of the things that makes Celerant unique is their ability to integrate eCommerce into your retail organization.

We have grown our eCommerce division to rival the size of our retail division. To find a software that can actually manage colors, weights, and sizes, and still provide you good reporting and manage it at the attribute level is hard to find.

Accurate Reporting and Analysis in the Back Office Software

I use Celerant all day in my job running reports, analyzing data. Celerant helps us keep organized.

It keeps our products organized, we know what we have, we know what we need to buy, to run reports and create purchase orders, to create product lines. It’s just an easy tool to use.

We can have different colors, attributes, styles, sizes, different weights of products. It gives us the ability on our eCommerce site for our customers to shop our stores before they come in.

So we can run reports that show that, “hey, we need to transfer some product to this store.”

Scalable Point of Sale Software that Grows with You

Those reporting tools and transferring product from store to store makes it very easy as well.

When we started out with Celerant, we were two stores. We’re fixing to open our fifth store.

Celerant makes that quite easy because I’m not worried about the ability for them to handle the increase in stores. If you’re looking for a new software, you need to understand that whatever software you go into needs to be able to support your business, not only today, but in the future.

Celerant can do that. It’s scalable, it’s adaptable, no other software can do what we’re able to do within Celerant in order to function as a company.

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