Barney’s Police Supplies Interview

Serving the Law Enforcement and Public Safety Industry

I’m Tim Heinzen with Barney’s. I’m the owner of Barney’s Police Supplies based out of Louisiana. Our primary business is law enforcement, public safety sales.

We started having issues with the growth of our company and the current software we had at the time. So we needed to find something that was more integrated, and that could handle our business, which is a little bit different than the normal firearms industry business.

Their Unique Challenges in the Firearms Industry

Some of the specific challenges we had were with firearms. The system we had was not live data so it would take a day for all the stores to update, and when you’re moving firearms back and forth that would become a problem.

Even simple things such as updating a customer’s information when they would go from one store to the other store to try to buy something it wasn’t right. The firearms bound book was not integrated with the POS, it was a secondary application. So you had to move data back and forth, and there would be hiccups. So the data was inaccurate, so we had ATF problems, and that was the final straw when I switched to Celerant.

Switching to Celerant’s Integrated Point of Sale

I wanted everything fully integrated into one system and everything was live with all the stores, all the customers. You receive a gun in today, it showed up within minutes and all the other stores could see it. Complete integration of the software is the biggest key factor that we’ve needed and we got it with Celerant. Everything being integrated and in one spot kind of all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Improved Accuracy and Product Tracking

Our firearms are much more accurate now for the bound book purposes. Our inventory tracking is more accurate. It makes everything more streamlined through the stores through the company. They take what their clients need and update their program accordingly and it’s updated often, so you don’t have to wait two years for something to come out they’re constantly working on new things. To have that benefit in today’s fast-paced market and changing technology, Celerant’s keeping up with them.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

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