BC Surf and Sport Runs Sporting Goods Stores and Website with ONE Software

Multiple Stores in Different States

I’m Bruce Cromartie. I’m the founder of BC Surf and Sport.

We started 1977, we have nine stores in Florida, Colorado, and Utah. Been with Celerant for about 18 years.

Needing a POS System Meant for Multiple Stores

We initially moved to Celerant because the POS system we were using previously, just, was really designed for a one or two store operation.

At that point, I think we had five stores and it was not able to give us the information we needed to do our jobs properly.

Celerant’s been a whole different story. It can scale to whatever size we go to.

We use Celerant for really, all of our operations: POS, inventory management.

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Multiple Retail Systems by One Provider

Celerant built our website that’s been working well, they also set up our integration with Amazon and eBay and pretty much handle anything to do with inventory and sales in our business.

The fact that all of that’s done by the same provider helps us have a very smooth integration between all those different parts of our business.
Our employees find everything easier to work with because it’s all designed by the same people, so it has the same look and feel.

Everything flows smoothly, that allows them to do their job better which is a big part of making customers happy.

Reliable Software Functionality

I think the biggest impact of Celerant for us, in general, as far as I see it, is the reliability and the quality of the data as well as the constant improvement in the software, the addition of functionality, and always looking for ways to make it better.

Streamline your Sporting Goods Retail Business

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.