Bill Jackson’s Manages Store and Point of Sale with Celerant

One Store with Multiple Services

Bill Jackson’s opened its first store in 1946 and in 1976, we opened the doors of our current and only store.

We have a hundred-thousand gallon custom-built dive training pool, an indoor snow ski deck and a six-lane firearms range. We also have a beautiful parking area with one lane roads that travel through the tall pines and palmettos.

Upgrading the Point of Sale System to be Current

We had been using our prior system for probably over 20 years, so it’s very basic, very simple.

As we move forward, we wanted something that would offer constant updates; that would offer new features and integrations.

Improved Financial Accounting Functions

One of the ones we really like is the accounting integration with QuickBooks, and the A&D books for the firearms. Those are the two things that were the biggies.

Going from bound books to the electronic A&D books, I would have to quote our gun shop manager and he said, “It’s like going from using an abacus to an iPad.”

All-in-One System with Consistent Updates and Support

Everybody at Celerant has been awesome to work with and just helped us along the way.

For me, I like that Celerant is so customizable.

Very excited about implementing new features that Celerant has and as we go forward, I think it’s going to help our business run smoother. Knowing that Celerant is always moving forward, that makes us very happy about our choice.

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