Boutique Store Improves Customer Service With Modern Point Of Sale System

Trinkets Story

Trinkets is a family-owned business that started in 2011 as a kiosk in the mall just selling jewelry and purses. It became super popular so now we have four locations and its main goal is to provide trendy clothing for all different sizes, to make women feel good about themselves, and leave the story or feeling confident.

Upgrading to Cumulus Retail

In the beginning of Trinkets, we used RetailSTAR and we upgraded to Cumulus because we really wanted to have real-time inventory in sales. We chose Cumulus because we wanted a platform that was going to keep up with us. We could see the inventory that’s in the stores now versus having to wait to catch up a couple of hours or days to be able to pull for the customers and get it to them as soon as possible.

Real-Time Inventory Insights

It was very difficult to know, the inventory level at one store versus another. It was difficult to know what sales were, whereas now with Cumulus I can just look at everyone’s inventory. It’s real-time, I know what they need and I’m able to get it then switching from different software programs. It can’t always be the easiest task but our representative from Cumulus Michael has been amazing, he has been there for all of our questions.

Easy Conversion to Cumulus

It was about a day of actually having to convert to the Cumulus system. We still call all the time and ask for help on things that we’re not really sure how to do and they’re always there to help us.

Inventory Management with PO‘s, SKU’s, and more

Cumulus is a big time saver with inputting inventory, it’s much easier to access your vendors and size code. You’re able just to type in what you need, versus having to look through thousands of different SKU’s to input your inventory. With cumulus I can go in and create a PO, a SKU, and put in what the inventory will be at the store and print tags all in one area.

Cumulus eCommerce

Everyone wants to shop online now and we felt that we needed to be online too. We are currently working on opening an eCommerce website through the Cumulus platform. We are hoping to reach a national audience versus a regional that we have right now at the stores.

Manage Multiple Stores

The greatest benefit by far has been the stores really knowing where they’re at in the day and what their sales are to drive sales up. Because you will compare it to last year and you’re going to want to always be the year before.

Sales Reporting with Cumulus

They have pre-made reporting that I can go in and I can look at. That makes it really easy to show what is selling really well at each of the stores. They also have graphs that show different vendors that are doing really well, our top-selling items, and what is doing the best between the departments.

More Time for Customer Service

It’s just kind of taking a big load off of us and giving us more time within the stores to do great customer service.

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