Buffalo Exchange Consignment Store Succeeds With Retail POS Software

Buffalo Exchange Story

I’m Sabrina Barger, I’m the business manager for Buffalo Exchange. Buffalo Exchange is a buy sell trade clothing company, where you know anybody can come in and sell items from their closet that they’re no longer interested in and we’ll let you know if we can take them and offer you either a cash or trade price for those items. I’ve been with Buffalo Exchange 28 years. I started in the stores in California and I relocated to Tucson to become the business manager. In that journey, I’ve been a store manager, a district manager, and a trainer for the company.

Retail Point of Sale in Consignment Industry

I’ve worked closely with the all of the departments that I now supervise, to help develop some of our POS software using Celerant particularly. In the world of point of sale software there isn’t really anybody who tailors to the second-hand market. There’s some consignment software out there but there really wasn’t any company that did what we would needed to do. Which is basically a point of purchase that’s in the moment where we physically look at clothing and price it and enter it in. So we needed Celerant to build us that point of purchase module as a big undertaking. You know they had to really get to understand how we cost our merchandise, how fast we needed it to work, how simple.

Customized Business Solutions

The benefit of having done the customization, for sure is that we were able to actually move to an automated system. For the most part, we were I would say very much pen and paper kind of a cash register system with complicated trade conversions and taxation. We weren’t gonna find that anywhere else, nobody was gonna organically create what we needed.

Consignment Tax Solutions

So their ability to work with us, to understand our business needs. And then to also support us as we’ve grown in two different states and we run into different laws regarding how you deal with second-hand merchandise. What the reporting requirements are for pawnshop laws, which we still qualify under. That’s been in an area they’ve been able to really support us with.

POS Upgrade with Celerant

And ultimately I think they’ve made us faster, you know we’ve been able to be fairly speedy in responding to the customers at the counter, and pricing those items, and it was hard to get faster than what we had before which was just a calculator.

Celerant Technology as a Partner

The main reason I’d recommend somebody to Celerant is the relationships. We’ve had really solid relationships that we’ve built with a lot of the people in this company. They’ve gotten to know our business they value our business but they also care about our business. Regardless of what your individual needs are, this is a company worth considering. And then if they can meet your specific needs, depending on the size, and what it is you’re marketing, what you’re selling that this is a great relationship to begin.

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