CATO Fashion Grows Business with ECommerce and Order Fulfillment

CATO’s Story

My name is Carrie Walter, I am the vice president of eCommerce and marketing at the Cato corporation. We operate and our shop on We are a women’s fashion specialty retailer offering fashion and apparel at value prices.

CATO and Celerant Technology

A little over five years ago we were looking to partner with a company to help us launch our first eCommerce site. We had a lot of pent up demand from our customers and they were asking for the ability to shop online with us.

All-In-One Point of Sale Software

We partnered with Celerant based on the fact that we could integrate all of our needs on the front-end and to the back-end with one provider. We felt that Celerant provided a great value for us, was able to incorporate all of the modifications we were looking for and was able to get us up and running in a pretty tight timeframe. In addition to just getting our site up and running and building all these integrations from both the web and the fulfillment aspect.

Digital Marketing with SEO and More

The other benefit that we have with Celerant is just using Celrant as a resource. They’ve really provided a lot of advice for us from the digital marketing aspect. Five years ago we really didn’t have much of an online presence, Celerant helped us bring that to our customers. Our website and our eCommerce site brought in a new customer base through the eCommerce channel but it’s also allowed us to better communicate our story, our brand, and our offering to our customers. They use our site to pre-shop us to really see what they’re going to find in store as well. So it’s become a really great marketing tool for us.

Celerant Technology as a Partner

It has been a great partnership working with Celerant, there’s a lot of different people that we work with. They’re like an extension of our own IT and marketing departments.

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