Celerant Wraps up 2024 Client Conference

Celebrating 20 Years of Bringing Partners and Retailers Together

This year, we’re really proud at Celerant to be hosting our 20th client conference, and later this year, celebrating our 25th anniversary serving the retail industry.

It’s a super exciting year, we have so many of our retailers here. So many of our industry partners. Many of those people have been with us for 10+ years; some of them even since day one!

Evan Williams, Smartwaiver

So having had a wonderful relationship with Celerant for a long time, with a fantastic integration, it was just really nice to get in front of users for the first time together here at the conference and build those relationships.

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Sabrina Barger, Buffalo Exchange

Definitely my favorite part of the conference is the networking. Getting to find how other people are using software that you use.

Learning whether you can use it smarter or better and also, just to stay connected to the people who support us.

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Bob McConnel, Books-A-Million

We are very excited about the artificial intelligence initiatives that Celerant has been launching.

With search and recognition and suggestive selling and how we can make sure that we are staying caught up with the industry standards.

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Engagement and Collaboration Among Retailers

To further our collaboration this year at the event, we hosted an omnichannel success panel with four of our long-term retailers all discussing how to incorporate a more comprehensive digital strategy to be competitive online and in-store.

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Faye McEachern, ClearSale

The greatest part about coming here is being able to meet everyone on the Celerant team. And they’re such a hoot.

And aside from that, meeting all these wonderful clients and being able to collaborate and share knowledge.

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Sean Bergesen, Avalara

We really actually learn a lot.

We talk to these clients about their day-to-day problems, and from an industry stand-point, we learn, they learn, we learn from each other.

And it’s always in a fun environment.

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Leaning on the Support from Celerant’s Retailers Now and into the Future

We couldn’t have gotten this far as a company with the support of our retailers and our partners and our team members.

We thank our clients for all their years of partnership and we look forward to all of the collaboration in the years to come.