Celerant Helps Firearm Dealers Embrace Digital Strategy at 2023 Client Conference

Focusing on All Things Digital

At this year’s client conference, we focused on all things digital.

It’s no secret these past couple of years, there has been a digital explosion.

Helping Firearm Dealers Sell More with New Strategies

We had 75% of our attendees who already have our eCommerce, so it’s important to us to host sessions teaching them important strategies like SEO services and personalized email marketing, all with the number one goal to help them reach their customers better.

Bob Negan joined us this year as our keynote and Bob hosted a four-hour retailer boot camp helping our retailers just be better retailers.

Juiana Janicke, Corporate Operations Manager of Shooter’s World

For us at Shooters World, we’re launching eCommerce for the first time, so the biggest takeaway at the conference is getting to learn how the back end is going to work, how all these systems pull together.

The Firearms industry is behind the times when it comes to technology, so Celerant has given us the opportunity to easily enter the eCommerce world and begin those sales.

Welcoming Back Keynote Speakers

We welcome back Paul Erickson from Management One and Paul spoke to our retailers about how they can maximize their true profit potential.

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Eric Jensen, CEO of 2nd Amendment Wholesale

Being at the Celerant conference has been great. We’ve been able to connect with existing dealers who also find new dealers that are hooked up with Celerant.

Also really hearing what the dealers are looking for in the integration between Celerant and our inventory. This has given us great insight.

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Receiving Direct Retail Partner Feedback

We have a lot of different partners here with us from all different vertical markets, and each one really helps our retailers run more efficiently and sell more products.

Shanice Isley, Office Manager at

Celerant has been in the Firearms industry for decades and the conference has just been great because it allowed us to go ahead and meet those dealers that they work with.

I do believe that this will be a great opportunity for the retailers to increase their store sales by pushing their inventory through our Marketplace. We look forward to working with them for years to come.

Josh Rauser, Sr. Sales Director at Sezzle

We are really excited to be invited to the client conference this year. We met a lot of great retailers, a lot of great possible partners.

Celerant did a wonderful job putting this on.

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Jamison Collins, VP of Sales at Fastbound

We’re happy to be here with our partners 4473 Cloud showing dealers how they can digitalize their experience; eliminate paper-bound books, eliminate paper 4473s, and have everything in the cloud.

Bill Brassard, Sr. Director of Communications at NSSF Project ChildSafe

We’re really excited to be here this year because Celerant has offered a raffle to their dealers to have them turn on the donation module in their software.

We can’t thank Celerant enough for creating the donation module in support of Project ChildSafe and its firearm safety efforts across the country.

Helping Partners Evolve their Business

This our nineteenth client conference conference, so we’ve been doing this a while and it’s really exciting each year to see how our retailers are growing and evolving their business.

We at Celerant have also grown and evolved so much, and it’s really fun doing it together with all of our retailers.

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