Celerant Client Success Story – Chaar Pet Supplies

Family Run Business with Multiple Locations

My name is AJ ElChaar.

The business is called Chaar Pet Supplies. I’m the vice president of the business. It’s a family-run business, it was started by my parents back in 2001.

It’s my father and I along with a small team that run it now. We have three stores in the Lehigh Valley area of eastern Pennsylvania.

Diverse Retail Software Requirements

So our retail software needs are a little bit diverse, but they can be complex because, we have such a wide range of inventory and we have products from pet supplies to clothing and footwear, which all have different buying cycles, different methods and channels through which we buy and sell.

Having Celerant in place helps us manage that inventory very well, through reporting tools that help us anticipate needs to min/max ordering programs that help us replenish as needed.

When we chose Celerant, we were looking for something that would give us that that total package in managing our inventory.

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Locally Integration Boosts Local Customer Base

Locally integration has been important for us because a number of the brands we work with use locally for their store finder.

It’s kind of like a beefed up version of the old-fashioned store locator. Having that integration helps consumers find us when they’re looking for a certain brand or product, and more specifically, it’ll tell consumers whether we have a certain item in stock.

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Business Metrics in Real-Time with Stratus Enterprise

I think the most beneficial part for us using Celerant is specifically, and this is the reason we went to Stratus, is the instant availability of information.

In our previous system, we couldn’t find data right away, sometimes we would have to wait several hours, or even overnight, to see certain sales performance or inventory metrics.

Business Information at the Touch of a Button

Now really, I can pull my cell phone out and I can check that data if I need to, really easy to do it remotely or from any of our locations, and just get the pulse of the business instantaneously.

Streamline your Pet Store and Retail Supply Business

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