Credova Integration lets Retailers Offer Customer Financing In-Store and Online

Built for a Diverse Set of Industries

Credova is a consumer financing company built for the brick-and-mortar and eCommerce retailer.

Increasing the Ticket Value at Checkout

We have a lot of technology behind our platform and we’re really there to enhance the ticket value for consumers when they want to come in and buy, let’s just say a firearm or a scope or ammunition or whatever it may be.

Our relationship with Celerant is very exciting for us. You know, they have a great name in the industry and you know, with our integration, we’re able to reach a lot of different retailers that they work with.

Getting Started is Incredibly Easy

You know, when a retailer wants to offer Credova, it’s a flip of a switch. The ability to help retailers increase their sales is huge for us and something we’re very excited about.

Explore Additional Financing Options for your Retail Business

Learn how you increase sales both in-store and online using Celerant’sb integration to Credova.