Offer Digital Waivers for your Range at the POS with Otter Waiver and Celerant

Federal Compliance through Digital Technology

Otter Waiver is the first eSign compliant waiver software that backs the gun industry by working with ranges.

Data Syncing for Easy Check-In at the Point of Sale System

With the Otter Waiver integration with Celerant, we’re able to sync waiver data directly into Celerant’s dashboard.

So when you’re checking someone in to the range, as well as being able to check someone in when they’re attending a class, you can automatically see if they’ve signed a waiver or if they haven’t signed a waiver.

What’s really great about our integration with Celerant is Celerant makes it very, very easy to automatically have a red flag when someone hasn’t signed a waiver.

No Paper Storage and Easy to Use for Customers

Otter Waiver is going to give our clients the ability to no longer have to file and save a paper waiver, where it can get lost or destroyed.

And more importantly, give their customers the ability to sign it quickly, electronically.

Continually Developing Compliance and Better Integrations

Celerant’s team has been amazing to work with.

They’re very, very great when it comes to technology as well as integrations. We were able to integrate with them in less than a month.

And going forward, we hope to work on more accessibility features with them to be able to just make the whole range experience much better.

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