FastBound and 4473 Cloud Integration Digitalizes your 4473 in the Cloud

Helping Dealers Streamline ATF Compliance

We’ve been partnered with FastBound for several years and our integration helps our dealers streamline their ATF compliance.

And most recently, we’re excited to expand that partnership with cloud 4473, giving our dealers the ability to save their e4473s in the cloud.

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Ensuring 4473 Form Accuracy from Start to Finish

We’ve been helping firearm dealers since 2010 and process billions of transactions.

We’re the only compliance guarantees solution in the industry. And we help with acquisitions/dispositions and provide you with electronic 4473s to ensure that you’re compliant.

We assist with a process where the buyers fill it out, making sure they don’t have any missing fields, that they answer everything correctly. Same when you’re processing the 4473, running the background.

We want to make sure that you’re protected and filling it out 100% every time. It streamlines your process, we’re making it easier for you to receive your product in and focus on the rest of your business.

Compliance Solution Built for Firearms Retail

So 4473 Cloud was developed for just the firearms industry and it allows dealers to instead of printing their 4473s, spending money on paper, spending money on ink, spending money on banker’s boxes, and spending money on labor.

Now, simply upload it in the cloud.

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Saving Physical Space with Digital Forms

You never have to print another 4473 again. The value 4473Cloud and the integration with FastBound to the Celerant customer really is about saving money and being compliant.

The last thing you want to do as an FFL dealer is have the ATF have a reason to come in, to do an ATF audit. More and more audits are taking place and one of the key triggers to that is not completing a trace request by ATF.

With the integration with FastBound and Celerant, you can complete a trace in about two to three seconds as opposed to hours of digging through boxes and looking for old 4473s.

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