FastBound’s A&D Book with e4473 backed by FFLGuard for ATF Compliance with Celerant

Celerant Partners with FastBound and FFLGuard

This year at the SHOT Show, we’re here with two of our newest partners: FastBound and FFLGuard.

FFLGuard backs FastBound’s A&D Book with e4473

So the Celerant software can manage your entire business, we do have our own internal A&D, but now we also offer a seamless integration to the FastBound A&D with e4473 which is all backed by the FFLGuard for compliance.

FastBound Brings Firearms Dealers a Compliant Solution

At FastBound, we’re really excited to work with Celerant and FFLGuard to bring dealers a compliant solution to help them run their business better. Celerant dealers now can access FastBound services including our compliant A&D and 4473 records and they also have the full support of the FFLGuard legal team if they ever have any issues with compliance related to the use of our software.

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Celerant Users can Easily Upgrade to FastBound

Anyone who’s using Celerant currently can upgrade to the FastBound ebooks, which includes the e4473 which is a really wonderful piece to have in this fast-paced retail environment and when you do, you get FFLGuard backing you 100%.

This partnership was Celerant and FFLGuard has given dealers a real one-up when it comes to, you know, compliance and technology and having everything integrated and making their jobs easier.

Technology Synergy is a Win for FFL Dealers

Celerant has certainly been around for a long time and FastBound is kind of new on the scene and we realized, “hey we have some good synergy together” and Celerant’s POS combined with FastBound’s electronic books and our backing of those electronic books made it seem as though it was a win-win-win for any FFL that needed to use or wanted to move to electronic bound books and that’s where the communion or the marriage between the three of us is so wonderful and really works for the FFL out there retailing in today’s market.

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