Goodwill Evansville Upgrades 14 Retail Locations with Celerant’s Point of Sale

Helping Communities Thrive through Work

I’m Amanda Simmons.

I’m the Vice President of Finance with Evansville Goodwill. And really, our mission is to help people and communities thrive through the power of work.

Evansville Goodwill serves 28 communities. We are in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky and we have 14 retail stores currently.

Improving Inventory Tracking and Processing

So we have been with Celerant for about a year now, and currently we are using the front end point of sale.

We’ve just started tracking our inventory, so the movement of raw goods with it, and we are hoping in the near future to start the tagging production, really the back room processes of it as well as build a customer loyalty plan.

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Old POS System Lacked Customization

The main reason that we moved over to Celerant, was that we had a custom-built-for-us platform on Access Database.

It was very difficult to update prices, to be able to pull the data, so for us, Celerant was an option that we could build with right now and we also felt like it had features that we could grow with.

Difficult to Update and Repair Old POS Software

Our biggest problems with our previous system before Celerant were basically being able to update information. I was really the only person that could manage that and knew how to use it.

There was only one person who was a local individual that knew how to troubleshoot the system, so we were really kind of pinpointed when we needed to make changes or we’re having some technical issues.

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Point of Sale Provider that is There for You

Celerant has dedicated staff that are very knowledgeable on Goodwill.

Our sales individual, Ray, really walked us through the very beginning parts of it.

We also had an implementation manager Tandy, who was amazing. Tandy understood our industry, Tandy understood what we wanted, and he could really help us customize Celerant for the way that Goodwill needed it.

We’ve had some of the best people work with us, so we’ve had a very, very good experience.

Streamline your Goodwill Stores

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.