Hardware Retailer Expands With Stratus Enterprise Software

Introduction to New Heights Hardware

New Heights Supply was started in 1997. I remember we started with seven stores back then in 2005. We decided to network all our stores, today we have 20 stores in our network. My name is Ishmael Nunez, I’m actually the founder of NHS hardware.

Inventory Management from Multiple Stores

We decided to computerize the business because we needed control of our inventory. We had to move from our previous point of sale because we needed the ability to sell from other stores or move inventory from one side to the other when we needed it. One of the key benefits of the Stratus vendor integration is that now I have my vendors or suppliers like Orgill and Emery Jensen. I’m able to import their catalog into our system and also the orders are able to be imported on a weekly basis. It saves me at least 10 to 20 hours a week.

Vendor Supply Integrations

With all the eCommerce that’s going on, we decided last year that it was our time to jump on board and create our own website. We decided to go with Celerant because it made all the sense, it’s only one platform. Everything is linked to our database. And one of the biggest differences in Stratus is that I’m able to have Stratus on a laptop.

Stratus Enterprises Cloud-Based

And when I go to the trade shows, I’m able to bring the laptop with me and I could see what I bought last year and how much I sold. It’s instant information and also critical in making the buying decisions.

Corporate Billing

Another feature that we use on a regular basis, it’s a crucial feature to our business, is corporate billing and WA Stratus. I’m able to email them their statement and their invoices with signatures. They’re going to be able, also with our website, to go online and into their portal and pay online.

Easily Expand your Enterprise

The greatest thing that I like about Celerant is that I’m able to open up a store literally within a few weeks. Right now, we just opened up a store in November. All I had to do was call Celerant, they were able to import the particulars that I needed for that store with the assortments that I wanted. And that was it.

Celerant Benefits

Now with the integration of the Stratus website, we’re going to be able to even go further than we have been able to grow so far. After using Celerant, for you know, close to 15 years now, I wouldn’t start a new hardware store without Celerant.

Streamline your Hardware Retail Business

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