Import Products and Auto Order from your Point of Sale | Davidson’s + Celerant

A Top Distributor with the History to Prove It

Davidson’s is one of the top distributors for firearms in the shooting sports, been around since 1932, so definitely a long-term player in the industry.

Answering the Call of the Customers

One of the things I think that really sets Davidson’s apart from some of our competitors is we really pride ourselves on our customer service. So we have a saying that we do business for the convenience of our customers and not for ourselves. We look for every opportunity to answer the call whenever our customers have a need.

Streamline Labor Intensive Tasks

We partnered with Davidson’s to really bring value to the industry. Dealers can import products from the Davidson’s catalog, automate purchasing, and then have access to their live inventory on hand. It’s all about minimizing the data entry for the dealers and streamlining the automation and fulfillment.

Meeting a Diverse Range of Demands

This is a pretty SKU intensive industry and when you roll up all the manufacturers and all the different product offerings that are out there, the odds of any one retailer having absolutely what a consumer is looking for in the moment, sometimes it’s a little bit challenging.

Focusing on Exceptional Service

Being able to provide that direct feed into our inventory, it allows that retailer to focus on providing an exceptional service at the counter, it gives them instant access to a tremendous amount, an exponential amount more of inventory then than they would have available in their shop.

Making the Upsells at the Checkout

What that really allows them to do is to spend less time trying to find something because it’s there and focus on additional add-ons and other things that they can sell right at retail.

Reaching Retail’s Full Potential

The experience base across retail in general, not just within the firearms industry, so clearly there’s a lot of professionalism a lot of experience behind the seller and organization that really, I think, speaks volumes to the potential.

The potential, it’s out there for the retailers to really be able to take advantage of that that broad base of experience across all channels of retail.

Sell More Products- In-Store and Online

Automate ordering and sell more merchandise in your store and eCommerce website with Celerant’s integration to Davidsons.