Import and Sell Iron Valley Products In-Store and Online with Integrations

Iron Valley and Celerant Integration

Celerant was the first point of sale system that we integrated with.

And we wanted to have a direct communication with that dealer, in a much more modern way.

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New Retail Technology Strategies

Iron Valley has been a great partner of ours. They, in recent years, have done a total rebrand.

They just launched their brand new website, they have a new ERP and so, as a company, they’re really taking it to the next level.

Automated Product Catalog Imports

Through the integration, we offer catalog imports, allowing dealers to import all of Iron Valley’s products to build their Celerant database with no manual entry. We offer an endless aisle we, offer just-in-time inventory, helping dealers really sell more with less effort.

Now having this direct integration and being able to offer all this automation to our shared dealers is just a huge benefit.

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Building the Dealer and Distributor Partnership

Together, we’ve had much more impact than I imagined.

It’s had a big impact on our ability to tell the story about our expanding portfolio of products. At the same time, we’re educating a dealer about how to run their business more efficiently and focusing on how to make them more money.

so the combination of the technology and the awareness of our growing products that serves both us and Celerant.

But in the end, makes the dealer that much more successful, that much more profitable.

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