Improve Inventory Levels and Populate Your Website with the Camfour Integration

Top-Rated Wholesaler for Dealers Across the Country

Camfour, we’re a wholesaler of firearms, ammo, and accessories in the shooting sports industry.

We’ve got locations in Massachusetts and Texas, generally considered a top 10 wholesaler in the industry, serving all dealers across the United States.

Leveraging Wholesaler Inventory for Online and eCommerce Sales

Camfour is one of our premier partners.

We have built a two-way integration with their system and this integration enables our clients, the dealers, to leverage Camfour inventory on their website and also able to pull Camfour products into the back office.

Integrations for Automating Inventory and Product Replenishment

Basically the goal is to try to help our dealers, you know, to sell more products, make it easier for them to buy, set up their items and sell it.

The industry again, I think needs to be more automated. You can help the dealers with the supply chain effectiveness basically, you know, with the auto replenishment.

Making Business More Efficient through Just-in-Time Inventory

They don’t have to think about what they need to buy, when they need to buy it. This is going to help them ideally improve their inventory levels at the right time, have the right product.

So that’s really the big goal is to help them make their business more efficient, more effective, through our integration.

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Learn how you can import products and improve your inventory with Celerant’s integration to Camfour.