JAX Outdoor Gear Grows Business By Integrating Stores, Web and Vendors

Tom Frank, Jax’s Mercantile

My name is Tom Frank. I work for Jax’s Mercantile. We’re a traditional Western mercantile. We kind of cover the whole gamut of the outdoor lifestyle in Colorado where we’re based.

Staying Competitive in an Evolving Digital Retail World

You know, we’re trying to catch up to where the world is in internet technology and interface with customers in the web world, you know. When you’re traditional brick-and-mortar, web is an ever-growing part of that brick-and-mortar system, you know. If you stay just one way, you’re going to miss a large part of the customers that are out there in the market now.

All-in-One Software That Manages the Front and Back-End

Celerant helps us with our everyday-to-day needs, it takes care of the front end of our stores. Our POS systems does all our returns, does our setups for web orders, for store pickup, web orders for customer ship out and then I work in the purchasing function, so it’s how we communicate our POS with our vendor and then we also use the Stratus for EDI.

Functionality across Computer Operating Systems

We have been with the POS system and we grew from one store to two stores to three, to now seven. We’ve changed quite a few POS systems along the way due to our size and the fact that we need the capability of that we work in both Mac and PC, which Celerant was one of the few that could provide that for us.

One of the big things for me is the A&D feature on the POS system. We do sell firearms, which we have to document all of them and compared to other pieces we’ve used in the past, the system has much better routine to make sure that our sales associates are where they need to be when they do their sales.

Daily Reporting Made Easy with Vendor Integrations

Stratus is advantageous because it can do a lot of your day-in, day-out fill up so you don’t have to deal with certain outs as much. So those vendor partners that are available with Celerant, you can handle those every night without looking at them. all you have to do is review the POS and it’s done, so it takes a lot of time out of your day on those vendors that are partners with Celerant.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.