Jay’s Sporting Goods Runs Their Hunt, Fish, And Camp Business Better With Celerant Technology

Jay’s Sporting Goods Story

Jay was my dad and he passed away in 1989. My brother and I and my mom took over the business and we’re going on 50 years here and we’ve grown the business we started in a one-car garage. We’re a hunt, fish, and camp business. We sell a wide variety of products in our sportsman retail store including firearms. You know we’ve been with Celerant Technology since 2008. At the time we were running two stores, the software that we had it was very cumbersome, very difficult and slow if it worked at all. And so that kind of put us in the market to shop. We shopped several different retail softwares at the time and Celerant Technology, you know, kind of came to the top and I think overall, Celerant Technology was the best fit for us to cover that diverse wide range of product that we sell.

Sportsman Compliance

Firearms have always been the cornerstone because that’s where we started our business. It still really kind of dominates a lot of the numbers and things and because it’s regulated, the compliance is very important. Part of that keeps you in the sportsman business or shuts your doors. Celerant Technology handles firearms transactions very well. It’s a dynamic product, there’s a lot to it there’s a lot of moving parts. They bring the right firearm partners to the table to keep you compliant but beyond that they keep you on the front end especially on the technology and how we deal with the ATF and the FBI and those sorts of transactions.

Whether you’re getting a NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) number from FBI where you’re going through an audit and with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) it’s a very good software to be able to find product serial numbers. If you get a trace, it just delivers everything you would expect and beyond. The other piece that works really well for in-store for our brick-and-mortars is the auto inventory replenishment. We have customers that drive from a long ways to get here because the expectation is that we have it in stock. We’ve got some really good firearm distributors plugged in and basically don’t let us run out of stock. You’re not over stocked and investing in maybe something that changes in sales velocity and that’s really critical to our business.

eCommerce and Drop Ship

The eCommerce side really kind of brings it all together for our customer. We plug into our online distributors that shows that it’s in stock, we basically drop ship directly to the customer. We can show those products online and basically not have to stock them. Celerant Technology does an excellent job for us and again it’s kept us competitive in a very dynamic and changing the world. We have to be in that game and with Celerant Technology we are.

Celerant Differentiators

When you get to the end of the day, it’s the flexibility that they have, that they have partners that keep us on the front end of the technology. We don’t have to you know or develop it on our own, Celerant Technology doing the work ahead of course and bringing partners that have solutions before we even think of them. We all got in this business at Jay’s because we have a passion for being outdoors. Our customers have that same passion so we love exchanging the passion and having the product. Celerant Technology is the huge tool in the toolbox that makes that happen so we can do it efficiently and hit the mark.

Streamline your Hunting Retail Business

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