Lipsey’s Integration: Sell More Products Across ALL Channels!

Lipsey’s Firearm Distribution

Lipsey’s says the firearms distributor based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a catalog of about 13,000 items. We focus primarily on firearms our goal is to be your Firearms distributor not your competition. We’re here to keep your display cases stock help you find innovative ways to improve your eCommerce and omnichannel experience for your dealers and provide the highest level of customer service in the industry.

Lipsey’s Integration with Celerant

The Lipsey’s firearm distribution partnership with Celerant Technology has been great from the beginning. We’re always coming up with new ideas to strengthen our dealer offerings for our mutual customers, so they can take advantage of all the sales tools available for them. And then we can provide value outside of just inventory and helping them really compete in the omnichannel environment for firearm dealers that we’re in right now.

Service Your Customers Online

The team at Lipsey’s is always looking for what they can do next and how they can make more changes to automate the process. They are eager to innovate and partner with Celerant Technology for a enhanced experience for dealers. We’re really able to bring the dealers a ton of value thanks to the integrations that we do together. Everybody knows they need to be an eCommerce, they need to be online to reach customers they’re not reaching now to really take advantage of everything they have to offer. With inventories rising and the climate that we’re in now you need as many channels as you can get to push inventory through and to really service your customers the best way.

Increase Your Sales- In-Store and Online

Streamline store replenishment ad sell more merchandise across all retail channels with Celerant’s integration to Lipsey’s.