Making It Easier To Run Business: Cumulus Retail and OpenEdge

The Children’s Shop

It’s fun to see the parents themselves come in to pick out their first little outfit. Maybe to bring home the child from the hospital and then it’s nice to see them after the child is here and really get to know each family and hopefully they’ll continue on with us for quite a while. My name is Vicki Davis and I am one of the owners for The Children’s Shop. We are based in Atlanta, Georgia and we have been in business for 30 years. The Children’s Shop specializes in more traditional clothing. We really take pride in when we go to market to really look for some perfect and unique gifts that are not at other shops. We were with another retail provider for many years. It came time for us to think about some changes that we needed to make within the store, we were becoming a little bit stagnant and we needed to become a little bit more technologically advanced.

Updating to Cumulus Retail™

We’ve been here for thirty years, I didn’t want it to look like we were a store that was just using an iPad so I like the fact that Cumulus Retail had the terminal, and they had the credit card processing machine. Everything was a nice feature to us, it made us look like we’re here for the long run. Transitioning to Cumulus Retail was exceptionally easy, we were very nervous about it. The support team has really made it so easy for myself and for my staff to really get it up and going from the day we launched to now where we are today.

Cloud-Based Point of Sale Software

There is a back office feature within Cumulus Retail that has been my absolute favorite part of the system. The cloud-based point of sale allows me to run reports, check my inventory, it allows me to work from home or wherever I am. There’s been a situation where I was out of town for a week. The store called me and I was able to quickly plug in and really talk the girls through it and then while it was away I was able to see how the store was doing which has been great. The cloud-based point of sale is so easy.

Increasing Work Proficiency

It’s a lot simpler for our staff and really has been quite a bit faster for our customer. The margin of error is so low. They get a clear receipt of what they’ve purchased, we have a clear indication of what is coming into the store and what is going right back out.

Celerant Technology and OpenEdge

One thing that really drew us to Cumulus Retail was the fact that they got this partnership with OpenEdge. OpenEdge was there from the beginning, got us all set up, ready to go. It was so smooth and when we were ready to launch with our Cumulus Retail product, it was a perfect match. All three of us were in place and it was just something that was so easy. We understand that fraud is an everyday occurrence and we want to make sure that our customers feel safe using their card here. Point-to-point encryption and tokenization are things that OpenEdge understands and they’ve made it very easy for us to not worry about the technology, they’ve got that taken care of on their end.

Seamless Omnichannel Software

Once we get to the transaction itself, I wanted it to be seamless. It’s just part of the process instead of becoming the process. And we are so pleased with the partnership and the product that we’ve gotten from both, that it really allows us to spend time where we want to be and that’s on the sales floor.

Process Omnichannel Payments

Integrate your retail software with OpenEdge to process payments across every retail channel.