SafeSide Tactical Boosts Sales with Celerant’s Email Marketing

Real-Time Email Personalization

We have different digital marketing services that we’re using that Celerant provides.

We use the email marketing platform which is very powerful, ties right into our data, so we have real-time access to personalizing for customers.

Email Solutions that Fit Your Industry Needs

We migrated off of Constant Contact, which is what we were using and there was a couple reasons why.

One of them was they really weren’t firearms friendly, and so there was a concern that at some point any point they could just pull our list and just kick us off the platform. That was one of the reasons we were searching for a provider.

One of the huge things that we get as far as a benefit from Celerant’s email marketing is the access to customer data, so whether we’re using emails for automated follow-ups, post-sale, you know on another platform, you’d need to update and upload lists.

Using Customer Data to send Targeted Marketing Emails

You’d have to pull a list of maybe every customer from that day and then set some kind of timer.

We can actually do that in the platform and just say, “hey look, back three days and see anybody that had a receipt that has that meets these parameters and send them a follow up.”

And so that really gives us an opportunity to have more of a relational email opposed to just sales emails.

And we see that the responses on our relational emails are better than our sales emails.

Saving Time with Email Automation

We have several emails that go out that have some level of automation behind them and so those are really exciting because it’s not something we have to remember to do or something that we need to trigger.

And so one of those things is our abandoned cart flow: someone goes to the site, they’re logged in, they’ve added something to the cart, and then for whatever reason, they don’t complete the sale.

So we send a timed follow-up message saying “hey, you left something in your cart.”

Or maybe you were going to make a range reservation and you didn’t book it. We say “hey, we’re holding your spot.” and so, really that 15 to 20 minute window, people are multitasking, there’s 100 tabs open.

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They probably meant to check out, and so we just give them that little nudge and we’ve had a really great result as far as capturing sales and dollars because of that.

There’s just no way without a full-time staff member dedicated just to that, that we could have anything look close to that with a large provider.

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