SafeSide Tactical Manages Stores, Ranges and Billing With Retail Software

Celerant and SafeSide Tactical

In 2012 my father, brother and I had the vision for SafeSide and what we wanted to do was provide an experience that we couldn’t find locally in our area. We had been in other shops, a lot of them were dated, a lot of them were aged and we thought what if we brought modern retail technology into the firearms industry which is lacking in a lot of times. And it’s really turned from a hobby that we wanted to do part-time into now a company with over 60 employees.

Point of Sale for Multiple Retail Locations and eCommerce

With running multiple physical stores in addition to an eCommerce store, we have a lot of challenges that maybe some businesses don’t. We wanted to find a technology partner that also understood our specific needs in the firearms industry, we have our ATF compliance, our acquisition and disposition logs that have to be kept daily and kept accurately.

Stratus Enterprise Integrates with Firearm Industry

The buzz of the show this year has been omnichannel and integrations. Celerant offers a great experience for dealers to sign up for where they can get the total 360 environment they need for their platform. We’re happy that our summer partnership offers those abilities.

Firearm Range Management Integration

I mainly work on the range side and we use Stratus for pretty much everything, checking in customers, checking them out. We also use it for reservations. Customers can either call in or they can go on the website and it all pops up in one system. Through Stratus back-office, I can go in and look at our training class schedule. I can see how many people are in there, I can see what days, what times the classes are, who the instructor is going to be, and I can give the customer all that information within a matter of seconds.

Payment Integration with Open Edge Pay

Being able to have an integrated payment system is another one of those things that was really important for us. The integration between Celerant and Open Edge is seamless. We can get customers checked in and out really quickly and it’s less of a headache for the customers, they don’t have to worry about their card going into a separate system. It’s all integrated.

Membership and Loyalty Programs

Our memberships are really important here at SafeSide. It makes our customers feel like they have a home here and it’s also super convenient for them because with our monthly memberships, they can put a card on file so they don’t even have to carry a card when they come in.

Open Edge Decline Minimizer with Loyalty Program

Open Edge with their decline minimizer is really beneficial to us and to our customers as well. Whenever their card gets a new expiration date instead of the customer having to come in and update their card information, the decline minimizer can look at it and say we have an established relationship with this customer and they’ll continue to charge them. So that way the customer doesn’t come in next time and we say, “oh by the way you don’t have a membership because you didn’t get charged this month.” It saves them frustrations that we can be more customer service oriented.

Celerant in the Firearm Industry

We talked to other firearms dealers about our system, they’re just amazed at some of the things that we can do, and some of the tie-ins, and some of the partnerships. It’s just nice to know that the registers are going to start up in the morning and that people are going to be able to process their transactions. And so in our business, we can’t do what we do without a powerful database driven software platform and that’s what we found with Celerant.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

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