Sell More Products In-Store and Online with RSR & Celerant!

RSR in the Shooting Sports Industry

RSR is a wholesale distributor in the shooting sports industry. We supply dealers throughout the country. We ship out of our Dallas, Texas warehouse.

RSR Seamlessly Integrates with Celerant

Our integration with Celerant works seamlessly. We have a support staff that works closely with Celerant’s support staff and it allows our dealer base to offer their customers, the retail consumer, a larger supply of products.

Stocking Inventory Beyond Shelf Space

We carry over 26,000 SKUs, which allows our dealer base to stock through their inventory more than what they may be able to handle on their retail shelves.

Integrations Help Dealers Offer an Endless Aisle

Since RSR was one of our first original distributor partners, today we have hundreds and hundreds of dealers using many different aspects of our integration.

Together with RSR, we’re helping our shared dealers really automate processes that were once manual, helping them order their inventory just in time and helping them offer an endless aisle of products, both on their website and in their store.

Growing a Customer Base Together

So working with Celerant for over 10 years, we’ve seen the dealer base grow in our mutual customer base, grow our customers and have an option to start at the entry level price point and work all the way up.

As their business grows, we’ve just appreciated the support that Celerant provides to our dealer base and with a great partnership that we have working with them.

Sell More Products- In-Store and Online

Streamline store replenishment ad sell more merchandise across all retail channels with Celerant’s integration to RSR Group.