Sell More with Buy Now, Pay Later Financing using Sezzle

Gaining More Customers with Financing Options

Sezzle is a Minneapolis-based digital fintech company that specializes in the ‘buy now, pay later’ space.

The Sezzle and Celerant integration helps retailers acquire more customers that traditionally wouldn’t have checked out if there wasn’t a financing option available.

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Selling Larger Online Orders with Financing

We’re excited about our new integration with Sezzle to help our retailers sell more products and sell larger orders online through their consumer financing platform.

The team at Sezzle has been great to work with, they’ve been super responsive and just really helpful and we’re excited at Celerant to connect many of our retailers to them

Offering Financing in More Restrictive Retail Spaces

So one thing we’re very excited about with the integration with Celerant is just working cohesively to target the tactical in the outdoor space.

We see a lot of retailers in that space already and we know with Celerant’s portfolio of brands and retailers that they work, with we know there’s a mutual benefit there to work with those type of retailers that haven’t traditionally been able to offer these type of financing solutions.

Build Bigger Online Carts with ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’

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