Sell More Products with Less Effort with Countrywide Sports and Celerant

Using Integrations to Drop Ship Worldwide

My name is Matt Hodges.

I work with Countrywide Sports. We are a two-step distributor out of High Point, North Carolina.

We are in firearms and we’re trying to use Celerant and the integration that you guys have to drop ship firearms to dealers all around the world.

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Up-to-Date Information to Maintain Inventory

With all the supply chain disruptions, it’s more important now to have first-hand information as quick as possible for your vendor’s stock levels.

Having vendor integration through Celerant allows you the retailer, to see the on-hands and availables that your vendors can ship to your store to satisfy your customer’s needs.

Shipping the Order to the Customer for You

You’ll be able to have access to thousands of SKUs for firearms and you’ll be able to place an order very easily through the Celerant system.

And that order will go straight to us and we’ll drop ship straight to your FFL and it’s as easy as that.

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Learn how you can resupply merchandise and drop ship to customers with Countrywide Sports.