SHOT Show 2019 Recap by Celerant Technology


Celerant has been coming to the shot show for about 15 years. We’ve been a preferred software provider for the NSSF and the NRA for probably close to that. Where Celerant excels is we come in and we’re one software provider with one system with one database giving dealers the ability to better manage their store, their range, their online, their marketplace integrations and really just run their business more efficiently.

Ready-Made Websites for a Rapid Go-Live

This year at SHOT University, we are unveiling our new product. This product is ready-made websites. This new system allows a smaller firearm dealers the ability to compete with the larger websites. We made that possible by doing all the heavy lifting in the background. This partnership with Celerant and FFL Guard has given dealers a real one up when it comes to you know, compliance and technology and having everything integrated and making their jobs easier.

FastBound and Celerant Partnership

Celerant has certainly been around for a long time and FastBound is kind of new on the scene and we realized hey we have some good synergy together and Celerant POS combined with FastBound’s electronic books and our backing of those electronic books made it seem as though it was a win-win-win for any FFL that needed to use or wanted to move to electronic bound books.

Enhanced Online Retail Information

The relationship with Celerant and Zanders has been unbelievable. The support staff that Celerant has, has been great and they always are offering new and better options for our dealers to help their business. Celerant’s all on the e-commerce side of things. Not only can you pull the full catalog and get your normal data and images whatnot, it also allows our clients to have 360 degree images. Overall in the implementations, it’s allowed our clients a lot of flexibility that they didn’t have with other solutions.

An Endless Aisle with Drop Shipping

They are very, very professional. Their communication is paramount. They want that experience for our mutual customer to be nothing but fantastic and they’re there to support, and ultimately make everyone successful. Kinsey’s has a live feed that goes to the Celerant system which allows dealers to do a drop ship program where they can sell more products online without having to actually house the inventory themselves in-store. The value of the integration is really about taking labor costs out for the retailer to list on an online marketplace. It’s one of the things we’ve heard over and over again that they limit their listings out there because it takes a lot of time and effort to put out listings on a website and then manage that listing as it goes forward. With the integration with Celerant, that all happens in an automated format.

Industry-Wide Dealer Integrations

The integrations we sell at Lipsey’s allows the dealer to set their inventory levels what they like to reorder, basically create a new buyer in their organization. Celerant having a unique offering like that really sets them apart in the marketplace where a dealer can get a very custom solution but not pay very high custom prices.

The Best Solution to Internal Functionality

Dealers can choose to take advantage of our internal functionality, but we also go out and find the right partners to integrate with so that we can provide the best solution to the industry based on how the dealers want to run their business.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

Learn how you can automate processes and increase sales both in store and online using Celerant’s all-in-one retail software.