SHOT Show 2020 Recap: FFL Dealers Armed with Gun Store Kiosks


SHOT Show is a great place as a once-a-year show for everybody who’s anybody in the firearms industry comes. Celerant’s been around for over 20 years and through most of its history, firearms has been one of its major verticals. There’s a lot of very specific needs in the firearm industry. Our software addresses those needs.

Offer an Endless Aisle with In-Store Kiosks

I’m excited to be presenting at SHOT University this year. This will be our fourth year in a row and this year we are unveiling our in-store kiosk. In-store kiosks enable small to medium sized retailers to have endless an aisle in their store. When somebody walks into your store and is looking for a product that you don’t currently carry, instead of asking them to go to your website, you can just hand over a tablet, search through hundreds of thousands of products and ensure that the order is placed.

The e4473 Integration Benefits FFL Dealers

Celerant is a company that really has it all together, has all options covered for the dealers. The e4473 integration between the dealer’s inventory and the inventory we provide. This is the very benefit to the dealer that would be looking at Celerant.

Celerant’s New Tablet App and Ready-Made Websites

This year, we’re very excited to be a customizable tablet app. The customer-facing tablet allows the customer to view all the products that they purchased line by line, sign up for club and range memberships, review their loyalty programs and also display digital marketing.

For firearms dealers, they’re not just getting a software that’s built for firearms, they’re getting a software that’s built for retailers, which allow you not only to sell in other channels effectively, but allow you to sell online either, through an integrated website or a Celerant-designed website.

These websites allow you to sell distributor products alongside your own inventory. It comes with the ready-made data, comes with the department structure already built for you and these sites are fully integrated with all aspects of a point-of-sale system.

Celerant and Now Integrate

The integration between Weapon Depot and Celerant makes it seamless for our dealers to get products listed on the site as well as track their inventory and order within the Celerant vendor dashboard. The Celerant team is really great to work with and we look forward to getting a lot of our dealers using their POS, using their software and selling more product using

The integration with Celerant provides dealers’ access to our three thousand-plus SKUs through direct integration through the catalog import. It makes it easier for them to set up products to get them online faster for sale.

Retailers Can Offer Cordova to Customers

Our relationship with Celerant is very exciting for us. You know, they have a great name in the industry and you know with our integration we’re able to reach a lot of different retailers that they work with. When a retailer wants to offer Cordova, it’s a flip of a switch. The ability to help retailers increase their sales is huge for us and something we’re very excited about.

Celerant Brings 20 Years of Experience to the Industry

Celerant has had the luxury of being in the industry for nearly 20 years. Every year, we’ve added different things what we built out the software we fine-tuned that we made it more powerful and better for the dealers and retailers out there. People come to us as a resource, they want to know what we could do to help their stores. Now we offer a product that is comparable to none on the marketplace. That’s what we’re bringing to the table now!

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

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