SHOT Show 2022 Recap: Latest FFL Retail Tech


Celerant is super excited to be back at the 2022 SHOT Show this year. We’re showcasing our all-in-one point of sale and eCommerce solutions as well as many of our new distributor integrations and industry partnerships including NSSF Project Childsafe as well as NASDW Scope. The tools that we’ve developed help our dealers stay competitive and continue to be successful no matter where consumers want to shop.

Analyzing Point of Sale Data for the Firearms Industry

NASGW is the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers and we have developed a partnership with Celerant Technology to collect, standardize and analyze point-of-sale data for the benefit of the industry. Retailers for the first time have access to a reporting tool that shows sales by region, so there’s a tremendous amount of value in the data and the reporting overall and the benefits specifically to Celerant clients is that it’s integrated directly into your back office platforms.

Project ChildSafe and Charity

The partnership between the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Celerant Technology and Project ChildSafe is first of all, it’s great because it’s going to give retailers who are using the software an option to have their customers donate or round up in support of Project ChildSafe. We’re all looking forward to having a great effect on promoting gun safety around the country.

Connecting Face to Face with Clients

Really excited to be here at the SHOT Show. It gives us that ability to finally connect face to face with not only our customers, but also our prospective clients as well as our partners. With Celerant, it’s really the life blood of our retailers day to day because we’re managing not only their inventory and their customers, their employees, but also their website that is all really critical and especially in this day and age where technology is a have-to-have.

Fortis and Integrated Embedded Payment Solutions

My name’s Greg Cohen. I’m the Chief Executive Officer of Fortis. We’re an integrated commerce provider. So what we do is we partner with amazing software companies, we embed our payment solutions into their experience and just make a better commerce experience for everybody. Whether it’s a credit card transaction an ACH transaction, all of that just happens inside of the experience and working with the Celerant team, all around it has been amazing because I think we see the same vision of where transactions go, where commerce happens and how quite frankly we can raise up all together.

Keeping Competitive in a Changing Retail World

In any industry right now, it’s really important to have integration and to have the correct software for the type of business you have. So in the firearms industry we’ve really enjoyed working with Celerant because they simplify the process for our dealers and it kind of fulfills the motto we’ve always had that our warehouse is your warehouse. They’ve helped us build the customer base and we’ve helped them provide the type of inventory that their customers need.

Drive, Enthusiasm and Passion

The Celerant team has been awesome. I’ve worked with quite a few integration companies over the past few decades and I’ve never met a company that has just so much energy and drive and enthusiasm and always wants to push the envelope and do a little bit more, you know what more can we do for our customers.

Streamline your Firearms Retail Business

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