Sports South Integration lets you Sell More and Stock Less

Sports South Integrates with Celerant

We’re partnered with Sport south and we built an integration to really help their dealers sell more online and in-store with less work.

We import the Sports South catalog so that the dealers can populate their database and then with preset min/max levels, we’re allowing dealers to create automated purchase orders when they need it which goes straight out to Sports South.

Dealers Save Time with Automated Catalog Feeds

So one of the greatest things about Sports South and the integration with Celerant has been that the endless aisle part of the eCommerce solution is available to a dealer without having to do a lot of labor to make that happen.

We’ve done the work in the background to integrate our 37-thousand some-odd SKUs into your store so that you can have access to those items without having to pay and load all the items and have access or sell.

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360-Degree Imagery Offers a Better Product Experience

So at Celerant on the eCommerce side of things, not only can you pull the full catalog and get your normal data and images whatnot, it also allows our clients to have 360-degree images. Overall in the implementations, it has allowed our clients a lot of flexibility that they didn’t have with other solutions

Using ONE System Eliminates Multiple Challenges

So where dealers really have a challenge is they’re using disparate systems for different parts of their business.

They might have a software provider for their point of sale in their store, another software provider for their range, and then another for their eCommerce and then piecing together all of those systems or running those systems independent from each other is a real challenge.

So where Celerant excels is we come in and we’re one software provider with one system with one database enabling a dealer to manage their entire business.

Integrations Offer Countless Opportunities

Celerant integrates with Sports South, which allows you to import product catalogs, automate order replenishment, display products, and drop ship.

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