Streamline Compliance with FFL Point Of Sale & Gun StoreMaster

Celerant’s Integration with Gun StoreMaster

At Gun StoreMaster the largest value that we provide our dealers is to simplify the complex nature of ATF compliance. In today’s world there’s a lot of zero tolerance ATF inspections, and these people rely on their ATF FFL license for a livelihood, and so it’s very important to us. Our Gun StoreMaster integration with Celerant really takes advantage of both systems simplicities and to make it simple is hard to do.

How Celerant Helps You Stay ATF Compliant

At Celerant we’re really all about giving our dealers options, especially when it comes to their compliance which is so important for their business. We have our own A&D book within our software, but we also offer options to third-party integrations through our partnership with Gun StoreMaster. We’re really helping our shared dealers streamline their compliance and automate their business through the seamless integration.

Celerant and Gun StoreMaster

Both systems are best-in-class systems. The fact that we’re an AICPA SOC2 audited company combined with Celerant’s simple to use but very comprehensive system, they’ve taken the overall business needs and addressed all of those different business needs in one convenient product. We’re focused on ATF compliance, Celerant’s focused on everything else that you need in your business. It’s a good partnership.

Comply at the Point of Sale

Streamline compliance with Celerant’s point of sale integration to Gun StoreMaster’s digital bound book and e4473s.