Why Guy Harvey Switched to Celerant’s Point of Sale Retail Software

Who is Guy Harvey?

Doctor Guy Harvey is a marine wildlife artist as well as a conservationist.

Turning Passion into Profit

Guy paints a lot of different sea life, however Billfish have always been his true passion. So Billfish would be the sailfish, the swordfish and the Marlin. We take his paintings and we reproduce them into prints, apparel and a wide variety of merchandise.

Need for a Real-Time POS Retail System

We opened this store here in Fort Lauderdale in December of 2021.

One of the reasons why we wanted to upgrade our retail system was because our old one was server-based. With it being server based, the push and pull of information was kind of on a schedule where it was just an end of the day kind of thing.

We wanted something that we can get in real time. With Celerant, it’s a web-based system, we can get any information we need; we can push out information in real time as well.

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POS System that Manages Inventory

So one of the unique challenges that we have with our soft goods is that there are a lot of sizes and colors that fall under one product code. Having a system that can handle that kind of inventory and keep track of it was a necessity for us.

So a system like Celerant tracks our inventory so well and has features such as the min/max feature that really help us stay on top of our inventory, help with replenishing orders it saves us a lot of time.

With the success that we’ve had, we are now going to be switching over our Cayman Island store to the Celerant system as well.

Point of Sale with Ease of Training

One of my responsibilities is going to be training the staff on how to run the front end as well as training the managers on how to run the back end. Everything that I need to do on the back end and everything my staff needs to do on the front end, Celerant has.

Not only does it have it, but it’s very user friendly. If I train a new employee to just go ahead and run transactions, it’ll take me about 20 minutes.

Retail Software that Makes Donations Simple

One of the most important things to Guy is ocean conservation.

That is why he has the Guy Harvey Foundation. Thanks to Celerant, we can do a roundup donation.

At the end of every purchase, the customer has the option to round up to the nearest dollar and all those proceeds go to our foundation, on top of the portion of the sale that already goes back to it.

Point of Sale Software that Grows with You

Most important thing to me for our technology is the ability to customize.

Being able to have a system that customized to fit our needs rather than us having to conform to one way that a system provides, it means everything for us.

Having that feature just makes everything easier.

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Positive Results for Business and Customers

With this transition, the one thing we’ve noticed is we’ve saved a ton of time.

We can spend more time on the floor with our customers, with our staff. In the long run, we’ve seen an increase in production and we’ve seen a positive effect on our sales.

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