Traditional Menswear Store Updates with Cumulus Retail

Edward's Menswear

In 1954 in downtown Lawton my parents started Edward’s Menwear one block south of where we are today. I grew up in this menswear business, it's a family operation. Age 10 I was in here being upset if I couldn't sell somebody a suit.

Staying competitive with an eCommerce

I am still one to prefer offering in person customer service but if I'm going to be in the retail game in today's times I need to offer an eCommerce website. I am part of a New York buying office where we were trying to step into the computer world and RetailSTAR, CAM Commerce was the name that seemed to be floating around with many of our members.

Modernizing with Cumulus Retail™

So in 1999, we went with the RetailSTAR program so it was a no brainer for me to stay with Celerant Technology and use their cloud-based point of sale and eCommerce software which is Cumulus Retail. The reinvention of my menswear business, which is exciting to me will be the eCommerce site through Cumulus Retail. I feel like we will start gaining a new customer base, maybe even a younger age group that is interested in what we have to offer.

Live Inventory Data Feed

The ability to have real-time data feed insight on your inventory will one be very helpful with inventory management. It will also teach me how much more I need to purchase to keep inventory available for that customer out there that’s shopping on my website online. It helps me on whether I need to reorder or whether I need to put something on sale to clear quickly.

Retailers with Celerant Technology

If I were to talk to any retailers today I would highly recommend anything that has to do with Celerant Technology. For me, part of the obvious reason in going with Cumulus Retail was because of all the support we got under RetailSTAR. I'm on the floor selling, I am not computer savvy. They have been there on my phone calls, they have gotten back to me on my issues but they are also paying attention to what I feel like our needs are. I mean that just doesn't happen. It happens with Celerant Technology, I mean these guys truly care.


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