Virtual Store

Celerant’s Virtual Store™ platform allows multi-store retailers to quickly create a virtual showcase of products from their brick-and-mortar stores, displaying only the products currently in stock at each location – to simplify same day curbside and in-store pickup.

Virtual Store Platform

How Virtual Store Works

Celerant’s Virtual Store provides visitors to your website, who are located within a specified range of one of your physical stores, a new way to shop. Based on your customers IP address, website visitors within a certain distance of one of your store locations will see an option on your homepage to shop your Virtual Store with same day pickup.  Your customers can then easily select the store location closest to them, and then the Virtual Store platform will display all of the products you carry within that store.

The application pulls product data, in real-time, from your Celerant point of sale database at that physical location, including product name, on-hand quantities, price and SKU; along with product images and descriptions from your Celerant eCommerce website. If you don’t have a Celerant eCommerce site or you want to sell products from your store that you are not already selling on your eCommerce site, additional product images can be easily taken from your store associate’s smart phones, and uploaded directly into the Virtual Store.

Virtual Store for Same Day Pickup
Virtual Store Service

“We developed the virtual store platform to help retailers sell more products locally, especially during a time when customers can’t visit their physical stores. It’s a quick way to use your stores’ real-time product data online to enable customers to purchase items from their local store, virtually, just as they would in your physical store; and streamline same day pickups; all with no additional effort on the retailer’s part.”

Zeke Hamdani, Director of Web Services, Celerant Technology

Infographic: Virtual Store

Celerant’s Virtual Store platform works in tandem with our eCommerce sites and seamlessly with our curbside pickup application, providing multi-store retailers a streamlined process to serve local customers in all the communities they serve. For smaller retailers who aren’t selling online, virtual stores can be a great way to get started with eCommerce and serve local customers.

Download Infographic below to learn more about how a virtual store could work for you.

Set Up Virtual Store
Virtual Store POS

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