Why It’s Important to Manage Your Entire Business With One Retail System

Gone are the days of miscommunications and cross referencing data which often lead to errors— in modern times, you can access all of your business tools in one place with an integrated Point of Sale system. Various software from multiple vendors can become confusing but with a fully integrated POS software everything is in one place: POS, eCommerce, inventory management, loyalty programs, e-mail marketing, and more.

Your store front may be stationary but your sales don’t have to be

With a completely mobile POS, you can perform transactions on the go—this opens doors for selling opportunities such as trade shows, sidewalk or tent sales, and the like. Manage your business on the fly with a tablet or smartphone– when your point of sale is mobile, your business is mobile.

Expand your store’s reach with an online presence

Having an eCommerce website integrated into your POS will allow you to operate your store and web as one system. Cross-channel pricing, promotions and gift cards; managing inventory and fulfilling orders are easier than ever now that they are in one place. The significance of a well-curated web presence should not be overlooked in a time when everything is online.

Inventory levels are live & accurate across your business

By keeping tabs on your stock levels through minimum and maximum levels set within your retail software, you will be able to implement automated purchase orders for replenishment, and get real-time reporting.  Merchandise can then be shipped to/from stores that need it the most and also prevent costumers from purchasing unavailable items; the POS selects the “best” store to ship from based on a retailer’s set priorities and preferences (i.e., location, stock levels, and planned promotions), ensuring every customer has a pleasant experience.

Manage your products with ease…

Put away your lists and spreadsheets, it’s already done—simply import your vendor’s catalog into your POS database and then have your eCommerce website mirror these products, pulling their descriptions and images.  Print your tags right from within your POS software, and manage your soft goods products with a 3-D size/color matrix, especially important for apparel/footwear retailers.

Integrate your email marketing efforts to increase performance

With a full CRM integrated into the POS software you can track real-time sales data across all of your channels (in-store, website, online marketplaces) in one database while gathering reoccurring customers’ e-mails for digital receipts and coupons, even points through a loyalty program– creating incentive for consumers to stop by again and again. Then send personalized emails based on their shopping history and personal preferences, to break through the noise and set your promotional emails apart from the rest.

The importance of ONE system

When you can accomplish all of this with ONE retail POS system, and with ONE retail technology vendor, it saves time, energy and effort.  Having one software partner to turn to for all of your questions, training, support tickets, etc can have a huge impact on your small business. The retail technology vendor you choose to partner with should feel like an extension of your business and with utilizing an omnichannel retail software solution, that’s exactly what you’ll get.


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